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Women dating Aarhus
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If you want to check them out you can visit Castenskoid or Kupe.

Don’t expect to have a lot of success here, but if you want to shoot for the best they are good places to start.

Well, the worst she can do is say no so you might as well ask but don’t expect much in terms of results.

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We will start with day game options before we get around to meeting girls in Aarhus nightlife.Day game is all about conversation, and when you approach Aarhus girls they will let you know pretty quickly whether they have interest or not.In some places around the world girls will give any guy there number (or a fake number) and then flake on them. If they don’t like you they don’t have any problems blowing you off.So if a girl quickly hurries away or makes up a reason why she needs to go there probably is no reason to ask for her number.Of course you can find hot girls anywhere and there are plenty of other bars and clubs around town.

A-Bar, Hornsleth, Bernhardt, Waxies, Train, and Cockney Pub are all good options.This definitely isn’t a great country to come to be a playboy and have lots of casual sex.Aarhus girls may be a bit friendlier than the girls in the capitol, but they still aren’t super easy.Plus people are just more laid back and friendly in smaller towns in general.In a big city like Copenhagen people are more worried about the stranger approaching them, in smaller towns they are curious to get to know you.The majority of the best nightlife is located in Midtbyen so getting a condo in that part of town off Air Bnb will help your chances.