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The complexity and the rapid evolution and expansion of the domain of clinical information make development and maintenance of clinical databases difficult.Whenever new data types are introduced or existing types are modified in a conventional relational database system, the physical design of the database must be changed accordingly.As long as the domain of interest remains relatively unchanged, the table layout (ie, the physical schema) should work well for many years.

In a conventional database (that is, in a conventional relational database), new tables must be created to record new concepts.To give users access to the new tables, new forms must be designed and links to these forms must be provided in the user interface.The complexity and the rapid evolution and expansion of the domain of clinical information thus require a large maintenance overhead if data are laid out using a conventional design.The ideal clinical database would therefore implement a highly-detailed logical database schema in a completely-generic physical schema that stores the wide variety of clinical data in a small (and constant) number of tables.The main advantages of the Entity-Attribute-Value design are flexibility and effective entity-centered data retrieval.

The main disadvantages are complicated front-end programming needed to display data in a conventional layout that the user understands and less-efficient attribute-centered queries.The Internet offers unique opportunities for database deployment, eliminating problems of user-interface deployment.Furthermore, Web forms may be generated in a completely-generic fashion during run time from metadata describing the semantic structure of clinical information stored in the database.By road, it is 71 kilometres (44 mi) west of Kolding and 164 kilometres (102 mi) southwest of Aarhus.With an urban population of 71,618 (as of 1 January 2016 it is the fifth-largest city in Denmark, and the largest in west Jutland.In databases, an entity is a single person, place, or thing (eg, patient or diagnostic test) about which data can be stored.