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Malt animals were able to move into regions far more northerly than they could have survived in during the preceding colder periods.Reindeer, horse, saiga, antelope, bison, woolly mammoth and wooly rhinoceros were attested, and were hunted by early man.

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The Lyngby, Bromme, Ahrensburg and Swiderian were also attested in Europe at this time.

To the south and far east the Neolithic had already begun.

Bla gjennom vår rangering av de beste norske datingsidene 2016 på markedet og finn den som er perfekt for deg.

En ny måned byder velkommen til nye frække, sjove og spændende oplevelser i swingerklubberne.

In the middle east, the pre-agricultural Natufian settled around the east coast of the Mediterranean to exploit wild cereals, such as emmer and two-row barley.

In the Allerød they would begin to domesticate these plants.De sidste swingerklubber afholder i december deres årlige julefrokost.december starter Tucan og Swingergaarden op med deres store julefrokoster.The Bølling-Allerød interstadial was an abrupt warm and moist interstadial period that occurred during the final stages of the last glacial period. In these regions the period is divided into the Bølling oscillation, which peaked around 14,500 BP, and the Allerød oscillation, which peaked closer to 13,000 BP. In some regions, a cold period known as the Older Dryas can be detected in the middle of the Bølling-Allerød interstadial.Magdalenian hunters moved up the Loire into the Paris Basin.