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Iron readily exchanges electrons with other elements.

Indispensable to oxygen transport and metabolism, this property may also cause disease if iron participates in unsanctioned electron exchanges that produce free radicals -- an evanescent and particularly hot-blooded family of compounds that damage cells and DNA.

*** As elements go, iron is a fickle and mischievous companion.

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As a result, all organisms dependent on iron -- from primitive bacteria to mammals -- go to great lengths to safely transport and store this potentially poisonous payload.

Under normal conditions, this meticulously coordinated system functions beautifully.

A bidirectional information transfer between keytech and the CAD systems takes place.

Malcolm Casadaban to a Chicago emergency department with labored breathing and three days of fever, body aches, and cough.

Casadaban's tragic death at the hands of an infamous microbe challenges a theory that the hemochromatosis gene became common because it protected its owners from the plague.

In this search for the origin of one of the world's most common genetic diseases, emerging research in evolutionary medicine raises new questions about our history, development, and future as a species.He is more famously associated with Trosseau's syndrome, a disorder of blood clotting found in patients with a lurking gastrointestinal cancer.Not long after giving the first lecture on hemochromatosis, Dr.keytech‘s modular, scalable structure, enables the progressive implementation of full PLM from document management up to a full product lifecycle management, true to the motto "Think Big, Start Small".keytech enables the control of internal process workflows, encompassing the integration of approved operating processes.A leading international provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software and services, keytech has more than 34 years experience in developing and implementing PLM and PDM solutions.