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D.) districts Aarhus C, Aarhus N, Aarhus V, Viby J, Højbjerg, Brabrand and Risskov. Midtbyen is composed of the neighbourhoods Indre By, Vesterbro, Frederiksbjerg, Aarhus Ø, Marselisborg, Nørre Stenbro, Trøjborg, Langenæs and the University campus. English, "Inner City"), includes the areas around Centralværkstederne, the Central Station, Aarhus Concert Hall and the historical centre and neighborhood of the Latin Quarter.

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Aarhus Municipality contains 58 parishes split between the 4 deaneries Århus Domprovsti, Århus Nordre Provsti, Århus Søndre Provsti and Arhus Vestre Provsti, all part of the Diocese of Aarhus.

Parishes on the municipal borders tend to roughly follow those borders with only a few exceptions such as Vitved Parish which is a part of both Aarhus and Skanderborg Municipality.

Aarhus Municipality defines 21 districts, termed Lokalsamfund, for administrative and statistical purposes, often based on geographical and historical conditions such as historical city limits, larger urban developments and former and existing towns.

Several districts are amalgamations of former townships that over time have grown into a single entity or encompassing several suburbs or towns such as Holme-Højbjerg-Skåde which includes the former towns of Holme, Højbjerg and Skåde, all now neighborhoods in Aarhus in a single urban conurbation.

Politically it is a part of the multi-member constituency Østjyllands Storkreds which covers the eastern coast of East Jutland from Randers to Vejle Fjord.

Aarhus Municipality itself is divided in 4 folketing constituencies, Århus Sydkredsen, Århus Vestkredsen, Århus Nordkredsen, Århus Østkredsen, which are again divided in a total of 45 wards, each with one polling station.

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