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The USMLM enlisted personnel accredited to GSFG must be outstanding soldiers in good physical condition and with exceptional endurance. GENERAL: Berlin Brigade provided USMLM the normal logistical support provided lodger units.

Most replacement officers arrive at USMLM after having spent two years in Europe at Detachment "R", which allows them one year with USMLM to complete a normal three-year overseas tour, and up to three years if they avail themselves of the full extension. ENLISTED PERSONNEL: The transition to the new centralized enlisted procurement system resulted in some unexpected difficulties.In several cases replacements were unqualified physically or by temperament or training for service with USMLM.They levy collection requirements, assign priorities and provide special collection guidance for Navy and Air Force intelligence targets. At present 14 accreditations are held as follows: III. (C) During 1964 USMLM successfully accomplished its dual mission.It remained the only direct channel of communication between the US and the USSR in East Germany, and the only area where American military observers could observe, photograph and appraise a combat-ready Soviet military force in the field.All information, times and prices are verified and updated on a regular basis.

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Today, Glienicke Bridge is not only a popular backdrop for television commercials, but above all a beautiful vantage point with a view of Schlosspark Glienicke (castle grounds), Babelsberg Castle and Park as well as Sacrower Heilandskirche (church of the Saviour).

Coming from Potsdam, you can reach Glienicke Bridge via Berliner Straße and, if arriving from Berlin, you reach it via Königsstraße and also via "Park Glienicke" landing stage of the "Stern und Kreis"-Schifffahrt (a shipping company in Berlin).

The survival statistics are not very promising if you end up in the cold water at this time of year.

How many of us equate this spring fever to fishing the Bering Sea?

Glienicker Brücke, the bridge that connects the state capital of Potsdam with the federal capital of Berlin, was one of the most renowned monuments of the Cold War up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.