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Secret casual Dresden
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The Dresden bombing has all to often been unfairly stereotyped as being an overly-deliberate, unnecessary, and savage aerial attack that was systematically planned and executed by allied forces.

The bombing of Dresden provides us with the opportunity to replace decades of misinformation surrounding the event with factually accurate information which will result in a better understanding of how myths and misinformation spread.

However debatable, it is of no question that advancements in aerial bombing played an important part in the allied victory over the Nazis.

While myths and misunderstanding of historic events have and always will exist in world history, there are actual beneficial aspects (which will be further stated) of misleading information that tend to go overlooked.

The one word that all to often summarizes Dresden before it was bombed was innocence.

Replacing the inaccurate information with accurate information will give us a greater understanding of what really occurred before, during, and after the bombing.

In the following pages, it will be argued that the Dresden bombing was indeed necessary at the time to bring about the immediate and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.

Simply put, it was without question at the time that the German army was still perceived to be capable of winning battles and spreading further westward at the cost of thousands of allied lives. Joint War Plans Committee, if an invasion of mainland Japan was necessary, casualty figures would be possibly a quarter of a million.

Preservation of allied lives was a mandatory necessary as allied planners looked to minimize casualties to fight around the world. It must be recollected that, at the time, the existence of the atomic bomb was known by very few allied-military leaders.

Its suddenness, its underrated force, sent the Americans reeling like a boxer who has taken a terrific punch to the solar plexus.” Like a boxer in the late rounds of a championship fight, summoning the courage to continue onwards towards triumph is undoubtedly required.

Likewise, the only issue of importance for allied-forces leading up to the decision to bomb Dresden was to simply win the war via any means necessary.

Prior to the bombing, one of the most historically significant events occurring at the same time was the holocaust.

The high level of secrecy about the atrocities committed against millions of Jews was greatly concealed due to the effectiveness of the Nazi propaganda machine.

The decision to bomb Dresden requires a basic assessment of the “what-if” scenarios, no matter how far-fetched they may be, that could have resulted by not bombing Dresden.