Online dating test Fürth

Online dating test Fürth
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You require the insurance number (electronic certificate of insurance (e BV) number) so that you will be covered to drive to the PTI.Then you can register the vehicle again with the registration authority.

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The registration plate will have expired, meaning that you will have to go to the registration authority to start the registration procedure before the PTI.

To do this, you also need the electronic certificate of insurance (e BV) number as well as your vehicle documents (registration certificate, parts I and II).

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No, we only require the vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate, part I) and any add-on confirmations or general operating permits you happen to have.

You do not need to bring a power of attorney from the registered keeper. The following applies to automobiles and motorcycles: the PTI is always due 24 months after the last inspection date.

However, if a gas system is installed, the gas test must also be carried out within the deadline. No, you do not always need to have the PTI test report in the automobile.

For safety reasons, many camp sites require a gas test certificate to be presented as a precondition for entry. You must keep the test report until the next PTI, and you must be able to produce it on demand. If you have had the PTI carried out in one of our service centers, you can request a duplicate.

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If your inspection plate expired more than two months ago, we have to conduct an in-depth inspection for which we take an additional charge of 20 percent. You can expect a fine or even a penalty and points if you are stopped in a traffic check and your inspection plate expired more than two months previously.