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Thank you for now - see you again in 2017af Tom Skovgaard 31/7-2016Copenhagen Chess Federation, the organizers, the arbiters, the assistants, and the team behind Copenhagen Chess Festival thank all of you for coming this year, and we are looking forward to seing you again next year, when Xtracon Chess Open in the mediaaf Tom Skovgaard 9/8-2016Here, a week after the end of Xtracon Chess Open 2016, we take a quick look at the extensive - and very positive - coverage of the tournament in the national and the international chess media.

The organizers behind Xtracon Chess Open are looking forward to have the Dutch legend in the field of strong chess players.Shirov plays Xtracon Chess Open 2016af Thomas Larsen 7/12-2015We are proud to present GM Alexei Shirov in the field of strong chessplayers that will compete for the first prize in Xtracon Chess Open 2016.The two brillancy prices awardedaf Tom Skovgaard 31/7-2016The two brillance awards, donated by New In Chess, were won by GM Jean-Marc Degraeve (left) og Ib Skovgaard (right), in the categories over respectively under rating 2000.The winning games, chosen by tournament commentator FM Per Andreasen, are: Aleksey Dreev - Jean-Marc Degraeve (Round 9) Ib Skovgaard - Simon Wilbrandt (Round 8) You can play through the games by following the link and clicking the small board-icon for the game.7 players made 8 points out of 10 and the final rankings were based on tie-breaks. The winners of the rating groups were: 2301-2400: Joseph Mc Phillips, England - 7½ 2201-2300: Alexander Rosenkilde, Denmark - 7 2101-2200: Jacob Brorsen, Denmark - 7 2001-2100: Paul Johansen, Norway - 6 1901-2000: Alseit Kizatbay, Norway - 6 1801-1900: Dag Andersen, Norway - 6 1701-1800: Tor Arne Heim Andberg, Norway - 5 1501-1700: Janus Skaale, Faroe Islands - 5½ ..

-1500: Fredrik Lytomt Jacobsen, Norway - 4½ All final rankings, also in the rating groups, can be seen on the homepage here.In 2015 he took 7th prize and and in 2013 he finished 4th.Among his best results is the 2nd prize in Reykjavik Open 2012 behind Caruana. full board: 1520 DKK De luxe room: Additional 300 DKK Norweigian Grandmasters plays Xtracon Chess Openaf Thomas Larsen 16/1-2016It is a pleasure to present a 2700 grandmaster at Xtracon Chess Open 2016.And follow the live games from 47 boards, and live commenting (in Danish) through links from this homepage.GM Sebastien Mazé is participating for the third time.And in Denmark, the tournament was followed in GM Sune Berg Hansens daily chess column in the newspaper Politiken (the chess column is not online), on the på home page of the Danish Chess Federation and on other sites as well, e.g. In Germany, the tournament was covered on the German version of Chessbase and on Chess International.