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And a certain percentage of conservative millennials, especially white males, will gravitate to Trump no matter what.

Millennials are the most progressive generation in America, and Hillary Clinton’s voting record in the Senate was reliably liberal on most issues.Millennials strongly support gender equality even more strongly than they do racial equality, so backing the first female candidate for president from a major party should be a no-brainer.For many young people, the first great civil-rights movement of their lifetimes was Occupy Wall Street—primarily a class-conscious revolt against financial elites, as opposed to a classic civil-rights struggle over racial discrimination.To many millennials, attaining their parents’ quality of life seems impossible.But the percentage of millennials flocking to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein should be worrisome to Democrats.

Trump’s recent polling success isn’t so much driven by his own popularity (which remains comparatively low) as by voters’ nearly equal distaste for Clinton.

But millennials also grew up in the shadow of the Great Recession, and this has radicalized them in a way that is often difficult for older generations to comprehend.

In a recent survey, millennials favored socialism over capitalism by more than ten percentage points; by contrast, seniors favored capitalism by more than 40 points.

Young voters have spent more of their lives with America at war than at peace, and will be directly affected by some of the most devastating impacts of global warming.

Meanwhile, the most prominent social issue in millennials’ formative years has been the fight for marriage equality and equal protections for LGBTQ Americans. While she has been a reliably liberal voice over the years, she has not been a radical one, and she has taken stances that rankle many young voters.

Her vote for the Iraq War and refusal to apologize for it afterward cost her dearly among millennials when she ran against Barack Obama in 2008.