Kristen dating side Glostrup

Kristen dating side Glostrup
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photos: the ones where famous person Kristen Stewart and non-famous person Alicia Cargile hang out on a beach in Hawaii, looking about as happy as two young, beautiful people hanging out on a beach in Hawaii should.But these photos aren’t your typical creepshots of celebrities being Just Like Us, only hotter and richer: they’re creepshots of Stewart and Cargile holding hands and changing outfits and being For the uninitiated, Kristen Stewart’s queerness in general, and her involvement with Cargile in particular, has long been a topic of conversation in corners of the Internet several degrees removed from the target demo of, say, TMZ.

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I subscribe to the second school, particularly because imposing a special burden on queer celebrities reinforces the idea that queer people don’t have the same rights as everyone else, whether or not that imposition is well-intended.

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This is a great opportunity to support the girls behind Runaway Production, enjoy a night of absurd who the real Mister Melancholy is...

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