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Central local authority organisations have long since recognised the importance of the issue, but there is little consensus on policy, and local authorities have reacted in different ways. We focus on where demographic growth and demographic decline occur in Germany, what trends are apparent, and which regions and communities are facing such challenges.

One reason is that there have always been many towns and cities that are economically attractive and enjoy high inmigration (internal migration and immigration from abroad) where demographic decline is not an issue and growth and growth-oriented policy are still on the agenda. We investigate the extent to which local government policy in "shrinking regions" requires new controls and how local government planning can react to these challenges.

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We examine demographic developments in depth from a spatially differentiated perspective to discover how demographic change has been affecting settlement structure.

In the mid-1990s there were few regions that did not fit the overall picture of a West-East gap in demographic development.

For instance, there was a net natural population decrease in almost half of West German counties during the 1990s, and in county boroughs the figure was no less than 85 %.

In West Germany there are also "older" and "younger" regions (Bucher 1997).

Large parts of the old West German territory, in contrast, are still growing demographically.

However, closer scrutiny reveals first trend reversals.This event is being organized by DNV GL in partnership with the Renewable Energy Cluster Hamburg Offshore wind after 2020 - Tenders as a way to reduce costs?The conference agenda will address the question of how the role of offshore wind power in the energy supply in Germany and Europe will look under changed political conditions after 2020.The breadth and depth of technical understanding across the DNV GL Group and the membership network of the Renewable Energy Cluster Hamburg (REH), guarantee that the program has been designed to deliver added-value to offshore stakeholders and that the external and internal speakers have been specifically selected for their depth of expertise and understanding.Conference language Simultaneous translation available: German–English / English–German.They included the suburban growth belt around Berlin, the shrinking old industrial regions of West Germany, and core cities that had failed to compensate local migration losses through foreign immigration.