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There are several possibilities for parking:- hourly parking - multi-storey car parks (Parkhuser)- resident sticker (Bewohner Parkausweis).

For hourly parking you can find lay-bys simply requiring a "Parkscheibe" (parking disk) or parking spaces where you will find chit-dispensing machines for inserting coins.

Fares are metered unless you and the driver agree otherwise.

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A taxi from the center of Bonn to the airport costs about Euro 34.Address of the airport authorities: Flughafen Köln/Bonn Gmb H Postfach 99 Köln Phone: 49 2203 - 40 1 Fax: 49 2203 - 40 40 44 Thanks to a dense network of railway lines and reliable services, rail travel out of and into Bonn is quick and easy.Lors d'une visite guide vous pourrez visiter non seulement les espaces publics (section des adultes, des enfants et des jeunes, mdiathque) mais aussi le magasin au sous-sol et l'atelier de reliure.…The Cologne/Bonn Airport (Flughafen Köln/Bonn) is conveniently located northeast of Bonn on the A 59 motorway. The airport bus (express line SB 60) leaves during day time from the centre of Bonn every 20 minutes and arrives at the airport about ½ hour later (cost approximately Euro 7,80).Taxis can be phoned for 0228 - 55 55 55 (or other numbers listed in the local yellow pages) or found at a taxi rank.

If there is more than one taxi ready for service, be sure you go to the driver of the first car waiting in line even if one further back would be more convenient for you and your luggage.

Each railway station (Bahnhof) will have timetables posted with departure times (Abfahrt) and arrival times (Ankunft).

Passenger trains are listed in chronological order according to departure and arrival times.

A display indicates whether there are still free spaces (freie Pltze). When paying (yellow ticket machines, often on the ground floor) and leaving the multi-storey car park, please take your parking ticket with you.

In some areas you need a "resident sticker" (Bewohner Parkausweis).

There are also discounts available when travelling at weekends and late at night on ICEs.