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Der Klassiker: Ein Date im Kino ist zwar nichts Neues aber immer eine sichere Wahl.Und wenn du es bereits weißt, dass dein Flirt kulturinteressiert ist, kann ein Besuch im Museum auch genau das Richtige sein.

Magdeburg Indians look forward to elevate our culture and showcase our prominence in the land of multicultural society.By doing so we can mark the eminence by which we would not just remain noticed but remain exceptional.Are you a doctoral student at the end of the doctorate and also Postdoc searching and finding the path for a successful career outside academia?Then it's your chance to attend the course Date: May 22-23, 2017 (whole day) der Phase der wissenschaftlichen Qualifikation besteht häufig Unsicherheit, wie die weitere Karriere geplant werden sollte und geplant werden kann.Integration with the German Culture and Technology with an exchange of knowledge building relationship by organizing Cultural, Sport, Intellectual and Volunteering events and activities periodically. So far you seem to be doing great and a top contender for the award! Collaborate with the Projects from ISG possibly What do you think of Project ISG so far?

This applies to all the Incoming Student and Students living in Magdeburg, Germany. How many Indian students are there in Magdeburg area? What is the typical size of incoming Indian students each year? Totally it costed around €200 Can you briefly list the steps involved in registration? What are your suggestions for future ISG activities?

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We recently interviewed Fredrick and Deeban from the Magdeburg Indians. Fredrick Johnson Joseph (Master in Medizin Technik) and Deeban Chakaravarthi Mathivannan, (International. Secretary and President respectively Can you give links to Website, FB page, Twitter, Instagram etc?

Magdeburg Indians is a registered verein and an Indian student association in Germany. Website: Page: https:// Twitter: Instagram: You Tube: https:// PGV2Jia N59xe J0wiv A What are the primary activities of the associations MI? We wish you the very best for the ISG Award for the year 2017.

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