Weston adjustable single burger press express

Weston adjustable single burger press express
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Excellent for less expensive grades and cuts, perfect for enhancing today's naturally raised leaner organic meats, and a must have for wild game and foul.

Weston adjustable single burger press express-61

The non-stick surface keeps burgers from tearing apart and makes cleanup fast and easy Perfect for building made-to-order stuffed burgers, the two-sided design creates round patties or square sliders and stuffed burgers.Compared to others burger makers, this ones simple in design and use.OXO burger press is designed to quickly turn meat, poultry, seafood or veggies into uniform patties.The clear body of the press features convenient measurement guidelines for making ¼ or ½ pound patties, and the non-stick lifter allows for easy removal without the patty crumbling on the way to the grill.The dimpled insert prevents swelling while grilling, and creates a well for retaining burger’s natural juices or stuffing.

A Patented, Professional Grade Multi Function Meat Preparation Tool.

This burger press turns ground meat into delicious patties.

Simply place ground meat on the patty forming tray, close the lid and press the patty presser button down to compact the meat into perfect patties of any thickness up to 1.5 inches.

Made of durable plastic with no moving parts to break.

This Weston Universal Automatic Rapid Patty Former makes it easier and faster to create perfectly shaped patties for broiling or grilling.

Make perfect and uniform burger with this Weston Single Burger Press.