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Der Songtext ist zwar leider nicht ganz vollständig, aber es ist trotzdem schön, dass wenigstens eine kostenlose Seite den Songtext überhaupt aufgeschrieben hat!

Delighted to announce that my new album ' Fenn' will be released on May 26th.

“It’s just like watching an episode of Nathan Barley.”Having protested against government cuts and student fees, he’d love to include more politics in his stand-up but he knows doing jokes about politics “is effectively putting a gun to your head”. He made his stage debut in the Royal Court’s 2011 revival of Chicken Soup With Barley — Arnold Wesker’s 1958 play about an east London communist Jewish family who take a stand against fascists — which had a huge effect on him.

“We researched that play in and out, which is why I feel I can talk about politics now — it’s a part of me, the zeal and passion for that kind of action.”He agrees that modern mainstream politics is being homogenised and it’s hard to tell parties apart, but he can’t condone fellow comedian Russell Brand’s refusal to vote.

At 26 — it’s his birthday today — he already has two hit TV comedy shows under his belt.

In addition to Channel 4’s award-winning Jewish sitcom Friday Night Dinner, in which he plays the brother of Inbetweeners star Simon Bird and son of Tamsin Greig, he is one of the leads of toga-and-sandals sitcom Plebs, which drew the largest comedy audience on ITV in 15 years and scooped Best New Sitcom at the British Comedy Awards in December.

He grew up in Berkshire, attended private school, where he was sent around the world for public-speaking competitions — “It gave me the confidence to do stand-up straight out of school, which would obviously make any objective viewer go, ‘What a precocious little prick!

’ And I completely agree.”Later he studied philosophy at King’s College London.But luckily I have the facial features to play all these Semites. It’s like walking around in Grand Theft Auto.”A huge Arsenal supporter, he plays Sunday football for Dynamo Gobbler FC at pitches from Regent’s Park to Hackney Marshes.Evenings are spent in “silly bars” in Old Street and Shoreditch.Ich liebe dieses Lied, es ist zwar sehr emotional und traurig, aber das ist gerade das was mich berührt.Ich könnte jedes mal wieder weinen, durch ' Honig im Kopf' wurde es ja berühmt & wäre das Lied nicht an dieser einen Stelle gewesen, hätte ich mir einige Tränen sparen können.“I’ve had a lovely life, born with a silver spoon,” he says with a smile.