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Males, on the other hand, tend to minimize confiding about their problems and feelings; instead, they seek out common‐interest activities with other males.

Friends provide a healthy alternative to family members and acquaintances.

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The following sections discuss some of the more familiar types of adult relationships.

Today, many people are choosing singlehood, or the “single lifestyle.” Regardless of their reasons for not marrying, many singles clearly lead satisfying and rewarding lives.

Adult friendships tend to be same‐sex, non‐romantic relationships.

Adults often characterize their friendships as involving respect, trust, understanding, and acceptance—typically the same features as romantic relationships, but without the passion and intense commitment. Females tend to be more relational in their interactions, confiding their problems and feelings to other females.

Some singles choose celibacy—abstaining from sexual relationships.

When significant problems in a relationship arise, some couples decide on divorce, or the legal termination of a marriage.They defeated the doubles' team from Manheim Township to finish 3rd and qualify for the PIAA State tournament to held at Hershey Racquet Club on October 31st and November 1st.Julia and Rachel are the first doubles' team from CD to advance to the State tournament.In other words, closeness and warmth exist without feelings of passionate arousal and permanence.Friends normally come from similar backgrounds, share the same interests, and enjoy each other's company.Although many young adults feel the time pressures of going to school, working, and starting a family, they usually manage to maintain at least some friendships, though perhaps with difficulty.