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Get Whiz Medley: Gee Whiz / Rockin' Robin / Convicted / Dirty Dishes / Ez-Zee / Gosh, but This Is Love / The Bear / Are Doing It Every Day / My Heart's Desire / Heavenly Angel / Chicks Hey, Little Gigolo / I Bow to You / Teenagers Love Song / Here...

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Talulah Gosh disband in 1988 and the Fletchers, Momtchiloff and Pursey formed the seminal twee pop act Heavenly in 1989.

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The single was less shambolic than their earlier offerings, and a video was made for it which was played on The Chart Show (then shown on Channel 4), giving the band some mainstream exposure.

The single was produced (some critics suggested it was over-produced) by John Rivers, as was the follow-up "Bringing Up Baby", a sophisticated pop song that reduced the band's "shambling" element to the point where mainstream success seemed a possibility.

Indeed, The Primitives would later take precisely this route to success — but Talulah Gosh never made the national charts.

The ironically-titled debut (compilation) album Rock Legends: Volume 69 was released in October 1987, collecting tracks from the earlier singles and radio sessions.

A limited edition EP of demos, recorded in 1986, was issued for Record Store Day in 2011, at which point a new retrospective album was also announced, at that time to be called Grrrr.