Singles freudenberg

Singles freudenberg
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In 1988 she sang under the stage name Heather Jones theme song This was the last time to the scene episode Pleitegeier .

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Ute Freudenberg (born January 12, 1956 in Weimar , temporary artist name Heather Jones ) is a German pop and pop singer .

In 1971 Ute Freudenberg was discovered as a singing stalemate at the " Ferienpark Feuerkuppe" in Strauberg near special houses in the Kyffhuserkreis at the age of 15 years .

On 23 March 2002 Ute Freudenberg celebrated her 30th anniversary stage with her band and numerous guests in Weimar.

There followed many TV appearances and 2003 the OSTival tour together with the Puhdys and City .

From 1972 to 1977 she studied at the Franz-Liszt-Musikhochschule in her hometown.

In 1976, she was a founding member of the Rock Band Elefant , which released two LPs and twelve singles. Other hits on GDR times were How far is it to the end of this world?Later, they and Lais received a Golden Record for the album Undecided . LESS Webspecial Sealing technology opens up enormous potential for making sustainable contributions to the mobility of today and tomorrow.In 1996, she moved back to her hometown Weimar and founded the Ute band in the cast Micki Schlger ( keyboards ), Manfred Schermuly ( drums ), Thomas Hdtke ( bass ), Ralf Rudnik ( guitar ).With the Levitex, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies even comes very close to the dream of the frictionless seal.