Single regeneration budget lancaster

Single regeneration budget lancaster
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Rubber mats well fitted and easily removed for cleaning.

Flat floor in rear (no transmission tunnel in way) leaves room for even big footed passengers.

Anyway, now that the situation has been resolved, things will run smoothly next year.

What is not in doubt is the excellent use of this money in providing activities.""The funding agreed at last year's budget meeting had been for one year only and given the huge cuts we are facing from the Tory Government we had encouraged the centre to look at alternative sources of funding looking further ahead."We were unaware of any issues.

United Nations – Best Practice Award – Findhorn Designation for Environmental Design. Union of International Architects & American Institute of Architects.

Department of the Environment & British Research Establishment – Best Environmental Project Built It Magazine -Environmental House Of The Year Design Award. Sustainable Community Solutions Design Spectus Detail Design Competition – First Place. Royal Institute of British Architects, Manchester Society of Architects -Scholarship Award.

Build It Award (Best collective or self build project): Winner 2014 Lancaster Passive Cohousing Project UK Community Energy Award 2014 (Energy generation project) Business Green Leaders Award 2012 (Green building project) Lancaster Civic Society/Chamber of Commerce Design Award 2014 Transition City Lancaster Award 2015 (Resilience award) The Green Apple National Gold Award Winner 2015 English Heritage Angels Award For Best Restoration Of An Industrial Building Winner 2014 Howsham Mill Heritage Heroes” award from the Heritage Alliance: Winner 2014: Howsham Mill Georgian Group Architectural Awards: Reuse of a Georgian Building: Category Finalist 2014.

Fears that Marsh Community Centre would lose its City Council funding grant were relieved by a last minute turnaround at last Wednesday's annual budget meeting.

It has received them ever since the Single Regeneration Budget finished in around 2003 and so we were naturally upset that they were to be cut.""The City Council is currently in a strong financial position with £3m of unallocated reserves.

This year, it added to these reserves by £165k and has put £500,000 in a new economic development fund.

Easy to park, large touch screen with reverse camera and light steering makes it a doddle in tight spaces.

Can seat four 6' 4" adults in comfort plus dual level boot (option) makes loading easy.

Really comfortable front seats, no back ache after motorway driving for 3-4 hours. Sports mode makes for improved handling and very willing acceleration but still not as good as a 2009 Fiesta I had.