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Single or double layer hammock
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The space between the layers of the BB and XLC is the same size as the hammock body itself and can handle just about any sized standard camping pad up to the size of the Exped 9 .

Some folks like inflateable pads over closed cell foam.

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It is on a 60″ roll, so be aware that you’ll need 2 yards to get a 6′ long piece.The mini-cell foam here is about the same weight Due to the above noted drawbacks of pads, many people will instead use underquilts as their primary bottom insulation instead.Hammock fabric is breathable nylon treated with a DWR finish. Blackbird is available in several fabric types and also with a single layer body or a double layer body, the double layer increases the weight capacity and is also recommended for anybody using a pad as bottom insulation, you place the pad between the 2 layers which helps hold the pad in place and keeps it from sliding around.The Blackbird includes a full-length zipper on one side, the netting can be rolled back and out of the way when not needed.CCF is available at a reasonable price and by-the-yard at many local upholstery shops.

I’ve found very high quality foam on the A1 Foam and Fabrics Website.It does not refer to the weight or weight capacity of the hammock itself.For instance a single layer 1.7 is made of the heavier more durable fabric, but since it is a single layer it is lighter than the double layer 1.1.Carabiners and tent stakes are sold separately in our accessories section. Folks not needing a double layer for it’s increased weight capacity might choose a single layer 1.7 over the double layer 1.1 (single layer 1.7 being more durable and slightly lighter than the double layer 1.1 with about the same weight capacity) if they plan on getting an underquilt eventually as pads can be used in a single layer hammock if needed.Check out our video section and look for the video titled “Hammock Suspension Differences” to see both these suspensions in action.