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Partnervermittlung dey
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This provides unprecedented flexibility for song selection no matter where your music is located.

You can beat-synchronize and chain multiple effect units on up to four decks simultaneously allowing for unprecedented creative expression.

The all-new built-in sampler adds another layer of creativity that allows you to trigger sounds and create drum beats on top of your music.

djay Pro combines rock-solid stability with unrivalled performance, delivering a powerful, dependable DJ software for performing DJs.

djay Pro offers you a range of advanced DJ software tools.

Spotify integration in djay includes all of your existing playlists, starred and saved songs, powerful search capabilities, charts, browse, and Match for intelligent song recommendations.

djay Pro’s cutting-edge audio streaming technology delivers ultra-low latency, advanced effects, on-the-fly analysis (key, BPM, beat grids, colored waveforms), all processed and streamed from the cloud, with no difference to local files.

The motion graphics are generated in real-time based on the parameters (such as tempo, beats, frequency) of the currently playing track.

The all-new music library in djay Pro enables you to seamlessly combine Spotify tracks from the cloud along with your local i Tunes tracks into a single library.

djay Pro provides a complete DJ Software for performing DJs.

Its unique modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with i Tunes and Spotify, giving you instant access to millions of tracks.

The built-in recordings panel allows you to preview, save, and export your files to i Tunes.