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They are responsible for naming the river Nagold, meaning "flowing stretch of water".

They emphasized settlement of the valley, and expanded their territory. The Remigiuskirche was built during this time, and it is assumed the Franks established a court in the area.

Nagold became the administrative center of the region which extended from Bondorf to Kniebis.

The church was razed in 1876-1877, but an original tower built in 1401 still stands on Turmstrasse street.

In 1363 the Hohenbergs were forced out of Nagold, and the Dukes Eberhard and Ulrich von Württemberg bought the city.

Nagold is a town in southwestern Germany, bordering the northern Black Forest.

It is located in the Landkreis (district) of Calw (Germany/Baden-Württemberg).

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Stone walls from the remains were used in the Remigiuskirche foundation.

The Alamanni ran the Romans away from the Nagold Basin around 260 AD.

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