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Nunez served as President of the National Conference of State Legislatures and worked closely with current Senate President John Alario when Alario served as Speaker of the House. Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour says he is at peace with his decision to pardon more than 200 criminals, including 17 convicted murderers, on his last days in office, but angry Mississippians are fighting back with the help of Attorney General Jim Hood.

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Juni werden Kerstin Pilling und ihr Mann Steffen Pöschko die Türen der Gaststätte „Zum Anker“ in Kahla schließen.

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Zuschriften auf Chiffre-Anzeigen senden Sie bitte unter Angabe der Chiffre-Nummer an: Mediengruppe Thüringen Offertenversand Gottstedter Landstr.Newt Gingrich is getting mixed reviews of his latest attack on Mitt Romney, a TV spot in which he shows John Kerry at a campaign stop in Louisiana saying, "Laissez le bon temps rouler", then follows with a clip of Mitt Romney introducing himself in French on a 2002 Winter Olympics video.Romney served as Chief Executive for the Olympics and English and French are both the official languages of the Olympics, no it's no wonder this is being called "the silliest slander of the campaign season." You can see John Kerry, flanked by Senator Mary Landrieu, and Romney at the link below.They should not be overlooked." Governor Bobby Jindal is hosting a fundraising to help Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser retire his personal debt from his campaign for Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne to note, "I would hope he would be as supportive of his friends in victory as his friends in defeat." His comments received the routine "no comment" from Jindal, but you can read his political adviser's explanation at the link below.The Pelican Republic debuts as a compilation of diverse viewpoints from different places and ideologies.We are one step closer to having funds available to begin the action of restoration.