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Mannheim steamroller concert dates
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Playhouse Square is located in Cleveland's theater district located on Euclid Avenue, between East 14th and East 17th Streets.

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The group would gain significant notoriety from these albums, and their music would be featured in holiday specials, advertisements and other forms of pop culture in the decades that followed.While Mannheim Steamroller has built up sizeable following thanks to their incredible success with holiday music, the group has succeeded with a variety of side projects.In 1984, Mannheim Steamroller had already made history when the group released its first Christmas album, Mannheim Steamroller Christmas.This was an amazing album hat became very popular and led to a number of such albums; A Fresh Aire Christmas in 1988 and Christmas in the Aire 1995.To release this amazing album, Chip Davis started the record label American Gramaphone and went on to release the first Mannheim Steamroller album in 1975.

This album was titled as Fresh Aire and was a phenomenal success that became very popular and was followed soon after by a string of albums following a similar theme; Fresh Aire II in 1977, Fresh Aire III in 1979 and Fresh Aire IV.To confirm operating hours call the Ticket Office information line at 216-771-8403. Mannheim Steamroller is one of the best known music groups in America, particularly when it comes to Christmas music.After attending the University of Michigan, Davis returned to his hometown of Sylvania, Ohio, and became a high school music teacher.After leaving the profession, Davis got a job writing advertising jingles and soon began to experiment with a new kind of music that he dubbed "18th century classical rock." Using a mix of electric bass and synthesizers, his first album called , would be released on his own label, American Gramaphone, in 1974.Mannheim Steamroller even went on to perform a series of shows as part of a tour on these albums; this tour featured spectacular use of multimedia and light to result in a one of a kind live performance, a tradition this amazing music groups maintains to date.