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Too funny because I was making oat flour oatmeal cookies just before reading this [love using oat flour in cookies! Thank you for reading my mind – these look PERFECT! I’m going to make your – Luxe Chocolate Pudding- this weekend after I shop for raw cocoa. I sometimes find the flax seed has a strong taste that I don’t really care for. (I used almond butter and dropped spoonfuls of batter instead of forming discs since my dough got a little sticky (just eyeballed milk)) So yummy!!!! You were the very first commenter out of many that actually made these cookies, rather than just commenting on how mice they looked. Angela, I also made these today, (using coconut sugar and agave instead of sugar) and they don’t just look great, they are sublime. I cannot wait to get my book – ordered from Amazon eons ago it seems! I can’t wait to make these, and I will definitely be making them this weekend! I just made your gluten free vegan brownies and my 3 year old was giggling with glee every time I added more chocolate! …except I think I may have added too much almond milk at the end (It was hard to mix so I started with 1 teaspoon). Wrote a review about your blog on mine ( Reply Today I was craving chocolate and went on Allison’ blog to find a perfect healthy chocolate chip cookie. They are SOOOO good I’m already going to have to make another batch tomorrow. We have been making these almost every night since we tried them. Last night we added chunks of Dandies vegan marshmallows to the batter before cooking — it was incredible!! I actually thought they were even better the day after and they stayed soft- amazing!I’ve been on an Oh She Glows bender this past year (maybe longer? Thanks and counting down the days for the OSG cookbook:) Reply Oh my gosh, I literally moaned out loud looking at these pictures! I’ve been looking for the perfect chocolatey cookie recipe for awhile and THIS ONE LOOKS PERFECT. You are indeed a master in your work, and the book is splendid, as are the bonus recipes. So glad to hear Sketchie is on the mend.have animals too (dogs, chickens, fish, guinea pig, gecko….) and they are truly part of the family (though when I drove an hour to a special vet for the guinea pig and gecko…then almost paid a phenomenal amount to save the gecko…. ) Thanks for an inspiring recipe too – we are going away to ski for a few days and I needed to bake some goodies to bring along. I tried your banana blueberry muffins (I used whole wheat pastry flour and whole wheat flour because I didn’t have spelt) and they were amazing! Hope Sketchie comes home soon and has a speedy recovery! However, we were dying when we saw that we had to wait all night for them to set- so we of course had to indulge for breakfast- delicious! Fingers crossed…but really it can’t go that catastrophically because the dough tasted AMAZING! I bet the dough freezes great too – has anyone tried that? I tried by hand but gave up pretty quickly and dug my ole’ beaters out. Thank you for sharing :) Reply These are ridiculously amazing!!!In April 2015 she signed a long-term recording deal with the independent Detroit label Original 1265 Recordings.

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To make this recipe soy-free, use a soy-free chocolate such as Enjoy Life brand. I stuck with it after adding the oat flour beating the mix until it came together, which took a minute or two, but I didn’t need to add extra liquid.I’m excited to let you know that The Oh She Glows Cookbook Virtual Blog Tour kicked off yesterday! For those whose digestive systems can’t handle flax, I use a “tapioca egg” from Enjoy Life Foods. I was intrigued by adding the sea salt to enhance the chocolate flavor, so I tried that on half. Reply I’ve been cooking from your cookbook constantly recently, with consistent 9.5/10 ratings from my three kids (a rare achievement even once! I’ve been praising the recipes to anyone who will listen, including my fellow employees at a national Canadian book retailer. Reply Preordered your book on Sunday, but I can’t remember where I saw the instructions for getting the bonus recipes…are they on your website?Kristina @ Spa Bettie (review recipe) Lisa @ Vegan Culinary Crusade (review recipe) Megan @ Detoxinista (review recipe) Mc Kel @ Nutrition Stripped (review) Jordan @ The Blonde Vegan (review, recipe, interview) Many of you have been sharing social media pictures of the OSG cookbook in local bookstores, as it arrives in the mail, and recipes you’ve already made (keep in mind most retailers haven’t shipped yet, but Indigo is shipping early! Thanks for your comments, personal stories, and thoughts about Sketchie in my last post, by the way. I never would have known until I looked at the ingredient list! My husband and pour through your recipes together and ALWAYS look forward to you updates. I just pre-ordered your book and received the free recipe bundle. Reply I can’t wait to make these as I crave chocolate DAILY!! I was wondering about getting in touch to do a review on my blog ( – What is your email address? A bit embarrassed that I let my 3 year old eat 3 of them. I made these yummy cookies this morning and oh my are they ever delicious:) I am making them for a friend who cannot have refined sugar, so I substituted 2/3 cups softened dates for the sugar. Reply Angela, I just made these cookies (they barely got in the oven), and my husband is already asking me to make another batch so that we can devour all of these tonight. We have had Oh She Glows recipes daily and are loving it. After the requisite cool-down period, I ate one and it was very hard. The recipes look great–I wish I’d had it as a new vegan five years ago.The surgery went well and he has been at the vet’s clinic under their supervision for a couple nights. It’s amazing how many times during the day I go to do things “for Sketchie” only to realize he’s not home! Fingers crossed he is in good spirits and doesn’t hate me! Thanks for inspiring us all to eat healthier and finding creative ways to make healthy ingredients taste AMAZING! We also put an order in for your new book; thrilled to support you and all your efforts, because you’ve single handedly helped us navigate the Vegan lifestyle. double chocolate oat flour cookies – you are amazing!! Thanks : D Reply I literally just came to your website to browse the cookie recipes for something chocolatey to make tonight. This morning I made the -Eggnog Spiced Cashew Milk- and WOW is that good. I’m super excited to incorporate more vegan dishes/ meals into my diet. I was wondering if you can substitute chia seed for flax in the egg replacement? Mandy Reply These cookies look like the perfect cure for the end of a hard week! I was quite amazed how moist and chewy they turned out……just like sugar ones. Thanks for your great recipes:) Reply Mine are in the oven! It has hints of coconut and flax and very rich chocolate. Thanks for your hard wrk creating and sharing such amazing recipes! I shared these on my FB – I used almond butter and coconut sugar 1 Tbs Blackstrap molasses (I don’t keep refined or brown sugar in the apt). I will definitely be recommending it to/buying it for new vegans. I used peanut butter because I didn’t have sunflower butter and they were still sooooo good. The other day I realized that I don’t have many nut-free cookie recipes on the blog. ~ recipe contains small amount of ground flax for some extra nutrition and a (cheap! Gooey, rich, double chocolate cookies made with whole grain oat flour.

In the name of comfort food and all things right on this blog, I decided to create the perfect crispy-on-the-edge-chewy-in-the-middle gooey double chocolate chunk cookie – free of nuts! This recipe is adapted from my Crispy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I haven’t been disappointed with and OSG recipe yet! :) Reply It’s snowing where I live in the Mid-Atlantic, which always means baking!A big thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who are participating, making recipes, and sharing the book with others. I made mine with chocolate butterscotch chips, as well as peanut butter because thats what I had left in the cupboard and they are divine : D SO easy and tasty, definitely a recipe I’ll be make for a long time to come! It’s amazing how different the day is when my dog isn’t around -even if she’s just at the groomer’s. My husband couldn’t believe the savory oatmeal and lentil bowl didn’t have cream or cheese in it like risotto! Thanks for all you do for animals – I love your recipes.I’ll be linking to blogger reviews as they come in, so keep your eyes peeled. I can’t wait to get your book and start making recipes! I didn’t have the exact ingredients but was so excited to try this recipe, so I used raw cacao instead of cocoa, and subbed a little over 1/3 cup of coconut sugar for the brown and white, and they were still perfectly sweet, chocolatey and so delicious! I work from home most of the time and while I’m “alone,” there’s always my dog there to take care of and talk to. Ever since I found your blog about a month ago, I’ve been making at least 2-3 recipes of yours per week and I love ALL OF THEM! My hands-down favorites are the chocolate smoothy and the salt & vinegar chickpeas. Hope Sketchie is doing well and congrats on the big cookbook release. I have been urging my boyfriend to find the receipt, but I can’t remember where I am supposed to submit the information from it.FARMINGTON HILLS, MI — Singer/songwriter Jena Irene Asciutto, the Season 13 runner-up on “American Idol,” released her debut album, “Innocence,” on the Detroit-based Original 1265 Recordings label Friday.If the North Farmington High School graduate thought her “Idol” fame put her on the precipice of a recording career, she was wrong.While on American Idol, she performed under the shortened name of Jena Irene.