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Dating royal bonn pottery
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The new kilns were downdraft kilns and were fed with hard coal from Westphalia.During 1840 the profitability was also examined and found out that it would be much cheaper to import basic materials via ship.He saw his chance when stays in the factory and uses the newly acquired strip of land to build a new factory for faience and earthenware.As soon as that is finished in September 1829, he transferred his business to the new premises.Based on the new technology, the factory expanded mainly in the processing areas and a refit of the lower Poppelsdorf mill took place which was in addition supported by a steam engine by 1831.

In the same year the decided to buy an estate near Walldorf called 'Rodenkircher Hof' in 1833.

During the years that followed 1868 the factory constantly expanded and was optimized to ensure a higher throughput.

Especially the grinding mills and decoration rooms went through many changes and new kilns were installed, mainly because the factory had started to produce 'real' hard porcelain as well as the softer 'English' porcelain from around 1870 as an addition to the normal product range.

The 'generous' businessman who had helped out was no other than the Bonn resident brothers, finally resulting in the company of ⇒Steingutfabrik Franz Anton Mehlem.

To be able to better understand the further proceedings, we will have to make an excursion and look at some family relations.

Production started directly after moving into the new factory in October 1829 and in 1830 brothers during his trip to England.